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A guard dog or watch dog (not to be confused with the attack dog) is a dog used to guard against, and watch for unwanted or unexpected people or animals.

The dog is discriminating so that it does not annoy or attack familiar people.

Both guard dogs and watchdogs bark loudly to alert their owners of an intruder's presence and to scare away the intruder.

The watch dog's function ends here; a guard dog is capable of attacking, or restraining the intruder.

The human shepherd would in many cases come to the guard dog's aid with a weapon, not letting the dog fend for itself.

A watch dog is a dog that will watch for trespassers and alert you to their presence by barking. An attack dog will watch a situation carefully but only attack on command.Larger Short-Haired Alternatives: Bullmastiffs and Rottweilers Bullmastiffs are not quite as "stable" temperamentally as the mastiff, but most people say they are sweet.A few tend to attack and/or kill cats and other dogs.And finally a guard dog will watch, alert and attack without command.There are five different types of guard dog and although they all guard they do very different jobs. I was talking with a friend who was asking my advice about what sort of dog to get. David Mc Laughlin, DVM, Chair of the Health/Medical Registry Committee, Doberman Pinscher Club of America (DPCA) and Vice-President/Grants, The Doberman Pinscher Foundation of America, Inc., writes: The primary diseases associated with the Doberman are von Willebrand's Disease (VWD), cervical vertebral instability (Wobblers Syndrome or cervical spondylopathy), dilated cardiomyopathy, hypothyroidism, chronic active hepatitis (copper associated toxicosis), chronic skin disease associated with color dilution (blues and fawns), and the conditions associated with the recent addition of albinism (sometimes referred to as "white Doberman") into the gene pool. at the rate veterinary medicine is advancing, some material [on dog health problems] may be obsolete even before it is published.


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