Figtree dating

BEASTmaste R will eventually become an R package and have a publication associated with it. 2015-10-08: The BEASTmaste R code has been moved to Git Hub ( R ). I will continue to maintain instructions & updates at Phylo Wiki.

Of course, I cannot promise that I can give everyone outside a workshop detailed help — producing an R package, documentation, and a publication about BEASTmaste R would have priority, as would help about my main package, Bio Geo BEARS.

Ideally, there will be a release with a DOI, but it may be you just use the most up-to-date commit. pre-release 0.1 is at R/releases/tag/0.1 , and has DOI . I am happy for BEASTmaste R to be a resource for the phylogenetics community, however.

, used for extracting the bracketed statistics from BEAST NEXUS tree files (MCC files) are copied/lightly modified/heavily modified from the R package " phyloch", by Christoph Heibl, licensed under GPL ( BEASTmaste R was originally aimed at easing my own tip-dating work in Beast2, and at the participants of the Tip-Dating Workshop and Putting Fossils in Trees Symposium at the 2014 meeting of the Society for Vertebrate Paleontology, in Berlin.

These develop inside and never see the light of day.

It is a ‘false fruit’, actually part of the stem of the tree that becomes a fleshy bag for the flowers and seeds.

“A preliminary assessment of the tree by a Level 5 qualified arborist concludes that removal of the tree appears appropriate in the circumstances.“Removal of the tree would provide opportunity for an optimised signal design.So when you are eating a fig you are munching on hidden flowers! Fig trees like warm climates but will grow in sheltered places in the UK, often up against a sunny garden wall or in a courtyard. One of the first places that figs were grown in the UK was in the courtyard in Lambeth Palace, London, from the middle of the 16th century.The Romans might have tried to grow them in England earlier but there is no evidence that they succeeded.The purpose of "BEASTmaste R" is to convert NEXUS data file(s) (DNA, amino acids, discrete morphological characters, and/or continuous traits), plus an Excel settings file, into Beast2 XML format. The Birth-Death-Skyline-Serial-Sampling tree model is used (or the Sampled-Ancestors variant), enabling different birth, death, and sampling rates through time. Of course, identified bugs I will always try to fix or post work-arounds. BEASTmaste R is primarily aimed at enabling tip-dating analyses using fossils as dated terminal taxa. If you want any serious help/feature additions with BEASTmaste R, for me, given my current commitments, that feels more like a coauthorship-type situation than a generic-free-help situation.History In Ancient Greece, the fig was an everyday food for the poor along with apples, beans and chick peas.


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