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Our rubber-track dump trucks are ideal for hauling inter-project material across challenging terrain.

We also provide siphoning / pumping services, spillway / drain-pipe repair, catch basin creation and erosion / shoreline wall installation.

Our track and truck mats, allow us access without destroying shoreline and property vegetation.

Our long-reach track-excavators can work from the shore or lake-bottom.

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Our long-reach, large-bucket track-excavators are ideal tools for these tasks.

One of my family friends (let’s call him Jide) has always been concerned about my academics.

He is one of the few people that made me changed my major to pre-med, and has always encouraged me whenever I feel down.

We’ve been off since 2010 and we came to the States together.

Our friendship is one of the few things that matters to me in this world, as we respect and support each other. Jide’s wife texted me and accused me of trying to sleep with her husband, which was not the case.


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